Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wrap up of all three books!

There's no doubt that all three books were very interesting and that all three books were worth reading and educational. "Leyendas de Guatemala" was interesting because at times I felt like a fly on the wall, sitting amongst the natives, listening to them tell there tails. It's always a bonus when you get to see things from someone elses point of view. So many books and stories seem to be written from the "white man's" point of view and I found this collection of stories to be a breath of fresh air.

What I like most about Las Leyendas is learning about the philosophy and belief systems of the maya. I find their view of time as cyclical fascinating and such a contrast to my own life and my day to day routines.

"El Reine de este mundo" was a very powerful novel and quite timely considering what happened to the people of Haiti shortly after the semester began. I like the fact that through fiction I was able to learn a lot about Haiti and how it came to be. I learnt about Haitian mentality and its roots. However, the fact that Haiti has not been able to escaped many of the problems brought forward in this book I find very depressing. The novel takes place so long ago, yet Haiti is still in such turmoil. It was kind of a reality check of the consequences of slavery and colonialism.

Lastly is "Cien años de soledad"...Great book, but it felt rushed. The book is so long, dragged out and complicated that I don't think I was able to really enjoy it for what it is. I would have preferred to have read it someone relaxing on beach or in a hammock...I just don't know if such a book can be properly analyzed and reviewed in such a short time, especially for those who aren't native Spanish speakers. Not to mention it was extremely depressing as well.

So all in all, I liked all the books. Don't really know if I was ready for "Cien años de soledad" but I can recognize the benefits of a good challenge. Although they were for the most part all depressing I still thought they were unique and unlike one another. I hope in the future to re-read them all with more time and less on my mind.

I wish everyone good luck on their exams and a great summer vacation! :o)

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  1. I find it interesting that you thought that each of these books was depressing... I see what you mean, but (for instance) in El reino de este mundo we could also come away with the message that the struggle continues, people continue to fine inventive ways to survive and thrive, despite the awful conditions within which they have to live. And perhaps Leyendas can also be seen as testimony to survival despite all the odds?