Sunday, April 11, 2010


I can hardly beleive the semester is over, even harder to beleive, is that I found the time to read all that literature...I have to say that my favourite was El Reino de este mundo. This book helped me to better understand magic realism and the way it is used. I think this book was also the perfect length for a lit reading. It's so hard to crush a book like Cien Anos de Soledad into a few weeks of reading. I personaly am a very slow reader, even in english. I would have prefered longer to work on that book.

I do feel that I learnt a lot about the importance and significance of magic realism. I think I like it now more then ever. I dont really understand the purpose of our wiki project and how it fits into the course... I spend more time trying to figure out that thing then I do actually contributing to it. I hate to be negative but I also dont like wasting time when there are so many things going on. I would have like to focus entirely on the books we were reading.

I do like the blog entries. I think they are beneficial to our learning and reflection about the things we have read. It kind of forces you to think about the books bit by bit rather then just racing through them and not really knowing or wanting to know what is going on. I found it difficult to comment on others blogs. I felt like I was forcing it out.

That all being said, I am glad I took this course, I feel more confident when reading books or short stories involving magic realism and I hope that what I have learnt in 365 will be benefial to the readings I will being doing in the future. I wish everyone the best and hope you all have a great summer!